Converting a Carport to a Garage

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    Do you want to convert your carport into a garage?

    It’s possible; it takes patience and simple equipment to make the switch.

    Remember that a carport is just a garage without the walls or the door and window openings.

    This makes the necessary modifications to turn it into an enclosed garage straightforward.

    Your first order of business is to calculate the total cost of materials and labor to build walls around your carport.

    In addition, before converting your carport into a garage, you should find out whether you need permission from the local authorities.

    Here are the steps you need to follow when converting a carport into a garage.

    Do Your Planning!

    For a job of this kind, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a specialist to get designs.

    This will allow you to work from precise measurements and diagrams.

    Before you go out and buy supplies for the project, make sure you plan it out well.

    When extending a carport, pay attention to the property line and the setback lengths.

    You should also assess the state of your carport to determine whether it is robust enough to be upgraded.


    To transform your carport into a garage, you won’t have to dig any holes for the foundation as you would if you were starting from scratch.

    You will need garage door repair assistance from professionals though.

    Nevertheless, you need to check the steadiness of the ground.

    In addition to this, you are responsible for determining whether the gutters include a high-quality drainage system that was specifically designed for them.

    After that, you will need to remove the cover placed over the columns and joists of the carport, as well as the soffit above them.

    You are free to retain the covering on the ceiling of the carport if it is included in the carport purchase.

    In any case, you are free to make any adjustments that you see fit.

    Building Walls

    You will need to build the wall frames out of 2 by 6 lumber spaced 16 inches apart center-to-center, and the bottom plate of your walls will need to be made from pressure-treated wood.

    Since this bottom plate will be in touch with the ground, place a layer of polyethylene over it to prevent moisture accumulation.

    The wall’s framework should be attached to the construction of the carport at the top and to the columns already there on the sides.

    Particleboard (or fiber board) and a membrane designed to act as an air barrier should be used to cover them.

    Time to Install a Door and Windows

    You do not need to install windows in your garage; nevertheless, you will need at least one door to provide convenient access to the area.

    The apertures must be accounted for in the building designs.

    The threshold of this door should lean slightly toward the street so that rainwater may run off.

    Garage door installation is challenging, and you may want Cambridge Garage Doors’ assistance.

    Insulation is a Must

    After you have completed the installation of the door and windows, you can next go on to insulating the garage.

    Investing in wall insulation is wise since it helps prevent heat from escaping through the walls.

    Make use of mineral wool batts with an R-value that meets your requirements.

    After installing insulation between the wood studs, you should add a vapor barrier.

    First, attach the wood furring strips (1 by 3), then lay the drywall or the vinyl siding, depending on your inside finish.

    Also, include the insulation of the ceiling in your plans.

    Get the Electrical Work Done

    You may run electrical service to your garage after installing all of the windows and doors in the house.

    If you are not skilled in handling electrical work, it is best that you hire a garage door company in Cambridge because it is not safe to entrust such tasks to rookies.

    Give it a Nice Aftertouch

    There are many different options available for the outside of your garage.

    To the greatest extent feasible, the outside of your property should match its existing appearance when it comes to the roof, select shingles that are the same color as those on your home.

    To give it some flair, you may adorn it with ornamental moldings and other elements, such as a pergola.

    Our Final Thoughts

    It is not difficult to convert a carport into a garage.

    The actions that need to be taken are simple and should be followed exactly as written.

    You have the option of doing it on your own.

    Still, it is strongly recommended that you hire professionals, particularly when planning the blueprint.

    And, of course, when it is necessary to hire a land surveyor.

    Prepare in advance to ensure a successful outcome.

    You can make your new garage have the same color scheme and style as your existing home.

    You can get in touch with the expert staff at Cambridge Garage Doors for converting a carport to a garage.

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