How to Replace a Garage Door Spring: Easy Guide

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    Garage door springs are critical because they assist in lifting the heavy door, using tension. Consequently, when a spring breaks or wears out, your garage door’s functionality is directly impacted. So, let’s plunge into the comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to replace a garage door spring.

    Step 1: Gather Essential Tools

    • Safety glasses
    • Winding bars
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Locking pliers
    • Tape measure
    • Replacement springs

    Step 2: Ensure Safety First

    Before you begin, ensure that your garage door is completely closed and disengage the garage door opener, if you have one. Next, place a pair of vice grips under the bottom roller on the side of the door that’s not broken.

    Step 3: Unwind the Old Spring

    Position the winding bars in the winding cone and gradually unwind the old spring, ensuring you maintain a solid grip on the bars.

    Step 4: Loosen and Remove the Old Spring

    Remove the bolts securing the torsion cone and carefully slide the spring toward the cable drum. Afterwards, dismantle the cable and remove the old spring.

    Step 5: Install the New Spring

    Install the new spring and reattach the cable. Moreover, use your winding bars to wind the spring with the appropriate number of turns.

    Step 6: Wind the Spring

    Utilize the winding bars to set tension in the spring. Typically, a seven-foot door needs 30 quarter turns.

    Step 7: Test and Re-engage

    Finally, test the balance of your door and reconnect your door opener. Your garage door should move smoothly and stay in place when lifted halfway.

    How to Choose the Right Garage Door Spring: A Quick Guide

    TypeLifespanCostWeight CapacityDurability
    Torsion15-20k CyclesHighHighHigh
    Extension10-15k CyclesModerateModerateModerate

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a garage door spring last?

    Typically, a standard torsion spring lasts approximately 7-9 years with regular use, which translates to around 10,000 cycles. Meanwhile, extended life springs can last up to almost 14 years or about 20,000 cycles.

    How can I identify the type of spring used in my garage door?

    Identifying a garage door spring generally involves observing its placement and function. Torsion springs are mounted above the garage door, while extension springs are positioned along the garage door tracks. Read through our blog for detailed information about different garage door types.

    Is it dangerous to replace a garage door spring myself?

    Replacing a garage door spring can indeed be hazardous due to the high tension in the springs. In fact, incorrect handling can result in severe injuries. Thus, always prioritize safety, or better yet, consult our expert broken spring repair service.

    Can I replace only one spring, or should I replace both?

    If your garage door operates with two springs and one breaks, it’s advisable to replace both. Typically, when one spring breaks, the other is not far behind due to similar wear and tear.

    In Conclusion

    Replacing a garage door spring necessitates a meticulous approach, optimal safety, and the right tools. While this guide provides a detailed roadmap to DIY spring replacement, our professionals at Cambridge Garage Doors are on standby to assist you with a wealth of services, from garage door maintenance to advanced motor replacement. Contact us today, and rest easy knowing that your garage door is in capable hands.

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