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    The garage makes up 30% of the house’s exterior and one of the most significant contributors to the home’s curb appeal.

    A garage is as important as any room in the house and acts as an all-around area.

    It does not only serve as a safe place for the vehicle.

    It provides convenience to homeowners by using the place as a cluttered room and allocated area for laundry, activity, repair, and workshop spots.

    By installing a garage door, you get to keep safe your vehicle and the other tools and things found in your garage.

    For your garage door installation, Cambridge Garage Door Repair Service has skilled workers to help you.

    Can I DIY the Garage Door Installation?

    If you have the skills and proper tools, you can save from doing the installation yourself.

    And a helper would be handy since there are heavy parts for lifting; not to add removing the old door can be challenging.

    Garage Door Installation Cost

    Depending on the used materials, the amount for installing a garage door may vary.

    The estimated cost is $260 – $1200, including labor expenses.

    Factors To Consider In The Installation Cost


    The bigger your garage, the larger the cost will be.

    Conditional to the design and materials, a single garage door of 8′ x 7′ costs around $400 – $900.

    While a double car garage door size of 16′ x 7′ ranges from $650 – $3600.


    The more doors you will need, the bigger the expense will be.

    If you are on a tight budget, a single door is a better option, ranging from $600 to $1500.

    While double doors are around $800 – $3500, custom doors can be over $1000 and have the most price.


    Garage door types vary in the way they open and close.

    Moreover, the materials and other supporting hardware have the final say on the amount.

    There are different types of garage doors:

    • Sectional

    This garage door is made with hinged and horizontal rolled up to the ceiling.

    This model is famous and the most common among homeowners and costs around $700.

    It is divided into several panels and rises vertically.

    It is thoroughly sealed, dampens noise and cold weather, and prevents from entering the house.

    This type of door can be installed automated or manually.

    Most sectional garage doors are electrically powered and safe to use.

    • Single panel

    It is made from one piece of panel that slides up above the vehicle when opened.

    They cannot be bent, unlike sectional doors.

    The installation starts at around $400, making it the cheapest option.

    • Sliding

    This type works similarly to barn doors.

    The rest of the door parts will be pushed parallel to the garage wall when opened.

    This kind of garage door is pretty expensive, starting at $1000.

    • Roll Up

    Aside from residential areas, this garage door is commonly used in commercial establishments.

    It works like a window blind and rolls above the entrance where box-type storage is hanging.

    Your garage will appear neat looking since no tracks appear on the ceiling.

    The opened part of the door rolls up inside the storage box above and does not extend across the ceiling.

    It is perfect for a smaller garage enabling homeowners to maximize the space.

    Built with a tight seal, rest assured that your vehicle and home is protected against extreme weather.

    It is made with aluminum light materials and built to last long.

    The typical price starts at $650.

    • Canopy

    This type of door, when opened, forms a canopy.

    It showcases a clear opening, and no tracks will be hanging from your ceiling.

    Canopy doors are made from steel, timber, and fiberglass and typically cost more since it works using a motor.

    • Side Hinged 

    This traditional garage door works like a normal one that needs to pull the panels to the sides.

    This garage door model provides extra security and improved privacy since you don’t need to open the entire door.

    It can work automatically and is made from steel, timber, or fiberglass.

    Although DIY can be practical, we highly recommend seeking help from skilled and professional installers to install a new garage door.

    Take advantage of the innovative materials and tools used in this modern age.

    Contact us at Cambridge Garage Door Repair Service for your installation needs.

    Our staff will be more than happy to assist you and lay down options suitable for your requirement.

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