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    A garage door is one of the busiest parts of a household.

    It closes and opens several times a day to accommodate vehicles.

    According to real estate experts, many homebuyers look forward to the garage as more than just a parking space.

    Aside from providing safe parking for your vehicle, it also serves as a working station for hobbies and other activities.

    It is also where homeowners put the clutters they don’t regularly use inside the house.

    Things like lawn mowers, power tools, bicycles and strollers, and bulky appliances like washers and dryers are usually in a garage.

    A garage door can last up to 30 years with proper use and maintenance.

    If you are looking for a garage door repair, look for Cambridge Garage Door Repair Services.

    Best Materials For Garage Doors

    Modern garage doors are made with materials built to last long and have a broader variety to choose from.

    1. Steel

    Most garage doors are made from steel supported by fixed foam insulation.

    Opt for a model with a topcoat and primer for longer-lasting color and protection from rust.

    The typical warranty period for steel garage doors is ten years.

    1. Wood

    A wood garage door is an excellent option for an aesthetic look.

    It was once the most used material in the market for garage doors.

    However, fewer people choose this model due to higher maintenance requirements such as wood preservation, treatments, and regular painting.

    Wood doors typically have a 15 years warranty.

    1. Plastic

    Plastic garage doors are slowly making a scene in the industry.

    It is becoming the best choice for many because of its durability and lightweight materials.

    Furthermore, it needs less maintenance, unlike other materials.

    It is rust and rot-free plus; it works with less noise compared to others.

    Most plastic doors are UV resistant and can resist extreme heat without fading color.

    They offer a 20 years warranty for plastic-type doors.

    1. Insulated Garage Doors

    This model is the perfect choice if you live in a 4-season country.

    It is built with insulators that trap heat inside the house.

    In winter, it prevents the cold air from entering the home to keep the dwellers warm.

    Insulated garage doors also decrease the sound from the inside and lessen the noise.

    When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

    Knowing when you need to repair your garage door or if a replacement is necessary is essential.

    1. Structural Damage

    Consider replacing your door when the structure and the safety of the dwellers are compromised.

    You might want to consider replacement when the panels are deformed and rusted since they are no longer performing their best.

    Having moderate damage to your garage door may need an expert’s assessment should you need a replacement or if a repair would be sufficient.

    1. It does Not Operate Correctly

    Your garage door has severe damage if it stops working, does not open and close, produces a squeaking sound, and feels heavy when moving.

    The culprit could be a drained battery, rusty chains, or a broken mechanism.

    For these issues, it is always recommended to ask for assistance from expert garage door repair service personnel.

    1. Security Risk

    A replacement is vital if your door leaves your house at risk of letting wild animals or potential thieves from entering.

    Getting a replacement will put you at ease, knowing that your family is safe even while you are sleeping or away from home.

    1. Aged Garage Doors

    Automatic Garage Doors are meant to last for decades, provided regular maintenance exists.

    However, unexpected circumstances like extreme weather, massive debris, and heavy impacts may cause severe damage.

    If your garage door has reached more than 20 years, you may want to consider a replacement.

    Repairs may no longer suffice, and you will have to replace them sooner or later.

    Apart from providing safety, door replacement will also enhance your curb appeal.

    1. The sensor is Not Working

    Sensors that are not working correctly may cause potential threats to your family, pets, or vehicle.

    There might be an obstruction causing irregularities in the sensor that requires checking from garage door experts.

    Prevent accidents from happening by contacting Cambridge Garage Door Services.

    Our company specializes in garage door installation and repair service.

    We cater to residential and commercial garage door repair and installation.

    Look no further if you are looking for garage door installation and repair in Cambridge.

    Contact Cambridge Garage Doors today for your door replacement.

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