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How To Adjust Garage Door

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    Your garage doors may not be closing as smoothly as these normally would.

    Or maybe there is a gap left behind between the closed door and the floor.

    Who is to blame?

    Even the best-fitted garage doors can be prone to issues like these.

    Garage doors wear and tear over time.

    They may be misaligned due to a host of reasons, such as jumped cables which are caused by impact.

    This makes the garage cables unwind and loosen themselves.

    You may have hit your garage door with your car or lifted the door too fast for it to become misaligned off-center.

    Chances are that too much frequent usage can wear and tear the garage door over time.

    If you are looking for ways regarding how to adjust garage door, then Cambridge Garage Doors has compiled a series of common garage door problems coupled with quick solutions.

    To get into the nitty-gritty of how to adjust garage doors, let’s first see what the common issues are that people have to deal with.

    Kinds of Garage Door Misalignments

    Some reasons for garage door misalignments may be:

    • Inadequate garage door height
    • A door that is out of balance
    • A door that creates friction against the rubber molding
    • A door that is bound and difficult to move

    The Equipment You’ll Need

    Adjusting your garage door is quite a simple feat.

    You will need to have the following supplies in hand that some in handy for basic garage door repair.

    • A mallet
    • Screwdrivers
    • Cloth
    • Level to set the right height
    • wrench

    How To Adjust A Garage Door

    Method 1: How to Adjust a Garage Door Height

    If the garage door is left ajar, it could leave room for intruders to enter.

    Even wild animals could find their way through the crevices to enter your dwelling.

    It is also an uneasy sight that defeats the purpose of having a garage door in the first place.

    Therefore, you need to find a way to adjust your garage door’s height.

    When adjusting your garage door height, all you need to do is play with the screws.

    The screws to your garage door opener have labels like open/close and up/down.

    Turning the plastic screw in the clockwise direction just a quarter will open the garage door and move it upward so as to give more clearance between the door and the floor.

    Alternatively, you may rotate it counterclockwise to close the door.

    Next up, you may need to use a level to test if the door is at the right height, and if it is, then you can rotate the screw completely to arrive at your desired height.

    Method 2: Adjusting a Crooked Garage Door

    To adjust a crooked garage door, you need to analyze the garage door springs and cables.

    We do not recommend doing this on your own since the weight of the garage door can be quite bulky.

    Without proper support, the door my slam shut and harm you.

    Generally, a crooked garage door calls for the replacement of the internal parts that have been subject to wear and tear.

    We suggest seeking the help of a garage door company in Cambridge.

    Call Cambridge Garage Doors today!

    Method 3: Adjusting a Garage Door Bind with The Tracks

    If your garage door has been bound to its tracks, you may want to loosen it up.

    This can be achieved if you loosen the screws on the track.

    Use the mallet to adjust the tracks in the right position.

    Once this has been leveled, you may want to fasten the screws back so as to tighten their position.

    Method 4: Adjusting a Garage Door that Is Rubbing Against Its Molding

    A garage door may wear and tear excessively if the bottom of the door rubs excessively against the rubber molding housing the door.

    If your garage door is prone to such friction, we suggest using a wrench to lower the door and try to close the gap.

    This can be achieved by slightly loosening the bolts and screws on either end of the door to a lower track bracket.

    There should remain only a minimal gap of about a quarter of an inch between the door and its molding.

    After you have done this, fasten it securely, so it does not budge again.

    The Bottom Line

    As you may have already guessed, your garage door can run into a host of misalignment issues because of excessive usage.

    It may make sense to correct the misalignments for obvious practical reasons.

    In many cases, however, you may require professional help to fix your garage door issues, in which case we recommend contacting us to get your door fixed at low costs.

    Reach out today.

    In case you still want more details on how to adjust garage door, we suggest watching this video here.

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    How To Adjust Garage Door

    How To Adjust Garage Door

    Your garage doors may not be closing as smoothly as these normally would. Or maybe there is a gap left behind between the closed door

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