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    Typically, a garage door weighs between 130 to 100 pounds depending on the size, thickness, and type of materials used.

    With the help of garage door springs, it becomes easy since it counterbalances the door’s weight, doing all the heavy lifting for you.

    Garage door springs are those large springs that help you open and close the doors.

    It means that if a spring happens to be broken, it can be dangerous for homeowners to repair it by themselves.

    Despite that, if you want to address this project on your own, here are the things you must know about spring repair, which can also help you decide whether to push yourself or get a phone to call a professional.


    Changing garage door springs is complex and challenging. Before attempting a broken spring repair, identifying the types of spring is necessary.


    Extension springs are long and skinny springs that help counterpoise the weight when lifting or lowering.

    It is located on the side of the door or along the rails.

    It usually needs two to four springs on each side that can last for at least 10 to 12 years.

    It can be open-looped, the most delicate spring style that leans on an open wire at the end.

    Another is the double-looped, stronger springs that feature two coils at the end of the springs, which attach the pulley and eyebolt.

    And lastly, the clipped-end is the most durable of the two mentioned above.

    It weighs more than 200 pounds and lasts longer as well.


    Torsion springs are immense and can be standard, torque-master, early-set, and steel-rolling doors.

    It is positioned directly on the top door opening.

    Standard are commonly used in residential garage doors wherein early-set springs are similar to the standard except it is mounted in the middle.

    Steel rolling door torsion springs are usually seen in commercial and industrial buildings, and torque-masters are the ones that are held in place by a winding cone.

    Most garage doors can have one to four torsion springs based on size, weight, and durability.


    Regarding the location, the spring system depends on the style of spring configuration of your garage door.

    The torsion spring is enormous, just on top of the garage door, whereas the extension springs are 2 to 4 feet long and positioned in the upper tracks on whichever sides.


    To determine a broken spring, examine if the opener motor is working, but the door isn’t functioning well, and you might hear pressure when raising the door.

    The second is when you detect a loud noise like a firecracker, the spring is broken.

    When a spring breaks, it indicates that massive amounts of energy are stored in the garage door spring and can cause the shutting of the door unexpectedly.


    You can DIY extension springs because the tasks are more manageable and less risky.

    First, open the garage door to empty all spring tension and put it in one place.

    Then, detach the garage door opener, use tape to mark the placement of the pulley, and reinstall it at the same place afterward.

    Second, disconnect all the springs from the track split bracket and spring pulley.

    Third, split the safety cable from the bracket and remove the old springs.

    Next, check the spring replacement needed and determine what spring to buy.

    After purchasing a new spring, place the safety cable to the new spring and attach it to the track bracket.

    Afterward, reattach the pulley and the safety cable, and make sure that the wire from the pulley is far from the safety cable.

    Lastly, remove the clamps, connect the garage door opener, and test if it runs smoothly.


    Although DIY can be an option, calling a pro is always the safest bet since garage door repair comes with high-risk circumstances.

    You can best call the Cambridge Garage Door Repair Services to get your garage checked and maintained correctly.

    We are a commercial garage door repair service that handles all the maintenance essential in your garage door.

    Our trained experts have a deep knowledge of garage door systems, including broken spring replacement, roller and cable transitions, installation, and any other garage door issues.

    To learn more, call us today and get a free estimate.

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