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    Technology and automated systems made our daily lives easier.

    Automated garage doors simplify the repetitive and arduous task of closing and opening doors for your vehicle to park in.

    Modern garage doors can operate with just a button press.

    An automatic door opener enables homeowners to open and close their garage door without the need to go out of the car and do the task manually.

    Even smart homes let the garage door open with just a voice command or control using your mobile phones.

    However, with daily use, the garage door will wear and tear parts, including the motor, which can suddenly stop operating.

    Below is the list of the frequent issues involved with garage door motors.

    But if you think the issue is quite severe, you can call Cambridge Garage Door Repair Service to examine the problem.

    Common Garage Door Issues

    1. The Door Does Not Open 

    You will know there’s a problem with the door opener when it does not work, even with the wall switch or remote control.

    The culprit could be an unplugged motor unit, drained battery, or a short circuit.

    To solve the issue, check if the unit is unplugged and ensure it is not loose.

    1. Garage Door Does Not Close Entirely

    It could be that the sensors are blocked and need clearing.

    If a thing or debris is blocking the sensors, the door will abort its function to go down the floor.

    What will happen is that the descending door will stop or overturn.

    It will cause a blinking light or create a sound indicating there is an error in the operation.

    So, ensure the sensor is clear from any blockage for a smooth running of your garage door.

    1. Reversing Garage Door

    When your door moves in a reverse motion even before it lands on the floor, it most likely needs adjustment.

    Garage doors are built with an adjustment crew.

    It is the part responsible for the door’s closing force.

    It signals the door to land on the surface before the motor switches off.

    The adjustment crew needs some adjustment, so it does not think it has already reached the floor when it hasn’t yet.

    Another reason is that the rollers are damaged and rusty, creating friction and causing the door’s movement to a halt.

    Make it a point to do routine checking with the rollers and apply lubricant to maintain its good shape.

    1. Garage Door Motor Continuously Running

    If your garage door has opened already and the motor will not stop running, it will need a removal of the up limit switch from the engine.

    It may also happen that the motor is moving, but the garage door won’t open.

    In this case, some wirings might snap or strip inside the unit.

    It does not happen in common, but if you experience this, the best remedy is to call for a garage door repair service.

    1. Doors Not Opening During Winter

    During the cold season, garage door rollers tend to be stiff, causing the door not to open.

    In this case, you will need to adjust the opener’s sensitivity.

    Applying a lubricant on the rollers can also relieve the stiffness and smooth the rolling movement.

    1. Garage Door Go Back Upward After Landing On The Floor

    The reason for this issue is the same as reversing the garage door.

    The problem is in the close limit switch and needs some adjustment on the screw gradually until the door reaches the ground.

    There are various levels to adjusting the sensitivity, so we highly recommend asking for assistance from skilled installers.

    A garage door’s task is pretty simple.

    It just needs to go up and down repeatedly, but when it stops running smoothly, it will cause a problem for the homeowner.

    For relatively simple issues, a simple repair will suffice.

    However, for severe cases, you will probably need professional help.

    Keep your garage door smooth and running by conducting regular preventive maintenance, especially with the motor.

    Easy routines like examining the rollers and tracks, securing the parts, checking the wirings and cables, and springs will ensure a smooth running operation.

    If you have performed these quick solutions and the problem persists, call us at Cambridge Garage Door Repair Service.

    We take pride in our friendly service and expertise while giving value to your money.

    Call us now if you have issues regarding your garage doors.

    May it be a door not closing correctly, jamming, or the motor not running.

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