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    What is a home without a door, right?

    A door is a fundamental part of a house responsible for the dweller’s safety.

    It serves as a house’s entry and exit point and is essential for privacy and safety.

    And for homeowners that have a vehicle, a garage is a must.

    In some areas, a garage is necessary before obtaining a vehicle.

    We recommend hiring garage door installation experts for your overhead door needs.

    Look for Cambridge Garage Door Repair Services if you need garage door repair.

    Importance of Garage Door


    A garage with a door protects the vehicle from theft and harmful elements that may cause damage to it.

    It safeguards the vehicle, including motorcycles and bicycles, against scorching heat and extreme winter cold.

    Leaving the vehicle outside the house uncovered will make its color fade and its outer cover damaged due to intense heat.

    Keeping your vehicle safe inside a garage helps retain the shine and vibrancy of your car.

    Not only does the garage door protect the vehicle from various weather conditions.

    It also prevents unlawful entry from perpetrators that might cause damage or loss to the property.

    Enhances Curve Appeal

    The garage door is one of the most prominent features of a house.

    It encompasses a big part of the house’s facade, so it might as well be appealing enough to wow your visitors and by passers.

    Seeing your house’s exterior design gives them a glimpse of how impressive the interior would be.


    Modern garage doors are usually motor-powered and open automatically without the need to do the opening manually.

    Imagine the convenience it brings for many vehicles and homeowners.

    No effort is needed, and the gate opens with just a button press.

    However, automatic garage doors can wear and tear over time.

    Springs, locks, sensors, bolts, and nuts will eventually become rusty.

    That is why checking and conducting proper garage door maintenance regularly is essential.

    A faulty and rusty garage door can cause inconvenience or, worst, accidents.

    When You Should Go For a Garage Door Repair

    Over time, the garage door parts will wear and tear daily and may cause malfunctions.

    For minor issues, a repair will suffice rather than obtaining a replacement.

    Consider a repair under these circumstances:

    1. If the door stopped working

    Check if the battery has drained.

    If the drained battery is not the culprit, there might be issues in the mechanism.

    It could be a snapped belt, motor overheating, a broken chain, or any other reason a repair expert cant fix.

    Hiring a maintenance specialist is the best solution for it.

    1. Damaged panel

    Bumps hit, and heavy impacts may cause your garage door panel to have dents.

    Or, if you have been using it for a long time already, it might have been worn out.

    In the case of wood panels, termites might cause deterioration.

    1. Uneven or Sagging Door

    This problem means that the torsion springs are not working correctly.

    The springs are responsible for lifting the automatic door.

    A simple spring replacement done by repairers can solve the issue.

    1. Sensors not working

    Obstructive objects cause the sensor not to operate flawlessly.

    It needs immediate repair since it might cause accidents.

    Your vehicle, small children, and pets may get caught at the door, with can be dangerous.

    1. When the door feels heavy

    When opening and closing the automatic door feels rough and produces creaky sounds, you will need a repair.

    It needs spring replacement to weigh off the heavy feeling causing stress to the door’s motor.

    Or its cables might have snapped and become brittle over time.

    It needs gear oil to smoothen the chains to eliminate the creaking sound.

    1. If your door seems to have difficulty moving

    Worn-out rollers might be the reason causing the door not to move quickly.

    Since the rollers are responsible for moving the door up and down, constant movement can cause it to run down.

    If you experience problems with your garage door, we recommend getting it repaired immediately before it causes unwanted accidents.

    Or cause further damage to the door’s mechanism, leading to more extensive and expensive damage.

    Contact the experts for repair when you notice issues with your garage door.

    Don’t hesitate to contact Cambridge Garage Door Repair Service for your garage door requirement.

    Be it installation or repair, our skilled workers are always available to help you.

    Contact us now to learn more about the services that we offer.

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