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    Aside from protecting us from inclement weather, dust, theft, and intruders, a garage door has a significant purpose in our home.

    It serves as an entrance and exit into our house that we use numerous times daily.

    Not to mention, it also gives design to our properties.

    Often, we fail to observe our garage door quality.

    It is essential to have garage door maintenance and regular preventive care at least twice a year to maintain its good condition and prevent stress or spending money in case it breaks.

    To keep your garage door functioning efficiently, here are some preventive tips for garage door maintenance:

    Observe And Listen

    The first and essential step is to know if our garage door is operating smoothly, if it is producing squeaky or unfamiliar noise and if parts are still intact.

    Open and close the door and inspect if there is something unusual.

    It is necessary to check and address the potential problems with our garage door as soon as possible.

    It might create a domino effect wherein if one is damaged; it might also cause damage to other parts.

    Clean The Area Near The Garage Door

    Most of us use our garage as extended storage for the tools, lawn mowers, and other greasy materials of the cars for easy access.

    When inspecting the garage, we must clean the area around the garage door by removing all the possible sources of dirt and dust.

    Sweep away the debris or rust from inside and take clutter outside the door.

    Don’t forget to look at the drainage and gutter to restrain water away from the garage.

    Squinch Up The Hardware

    The average garage door usually moves up and down thousand times yearly; a lot of vibration and motion might cause it to loosen up to the door.

    Check all the brackets keeping the tracks to the wall and ceiling.

    Tighten all the roller brackets, the fasteners that secure the garage door opener unit to the framing, and all the bolts using a socket wrench.

    Test Garage Door Balance

    The unbalanced garage door makes the door harder to open and close, eventually leading to worn-out and decreased lifespan.

    To examine the garage door’s balance, pull the release handle to disengage the opener and then open the door halfway.

    If the door can perform without your help, it is balanced.

    The spring’s tension must tighten or adjust if the door starts to fall or swing.

    However, spring adjustments for garage doors are best to entrust to the garage door repair professionals.

    Inspect Door Parts and Replace The Rollers

    As time goes by, door cables and rollers can be damaged.

    Either made of steel or iron, rollers are needed to scrutinize about twice a year.

    Better to replace it at least five to seven times yearly to avoid further damage.

    At the time of inspection, replace all the worn-out, cracked, or broken rollers you find.

    It can be removed by simply pulling out all the brackets that hold the door and reinstalling roller brackets to the cable systems.

    Double Check the Pulleys And Cables

    Checking all the lift cables and pulleys inclined to the bottom roller brackets of the door is essential since it serves as the connection between the doors and the springs to lift and lower the door accurately.

    Nevertheless, it is advisable not to touch these parts and leave it to the reliable commercial garage door repair experts as some features are high-tension and can be dangerous.

    Lubricate The Moving Parts

    To prolong the life of the garage doors, all the moving parts, including the rollers, must keep being greasy and well lubricated.

    Applying high-quality grease and spray lubricant is recommended to make all these parts operate smoothly.

    Commonly, white lithium grease is used on the opener’s chain to coat the springs and as a lubricant for the rollers and hinges.

    Furthermore, lubricating the garage door only takes 10 minutes and can last for a whole year.

    Change Weatherstripping

    The weatherstripping for wood garage doors is nailed in place.

    If torn, replacement is a solution. If the rubber weather seal on the bottom is ruptured, change it immediately.

    Change it twice a year to maintain its good shape.

    Weather seals have a huge role in garage doors since they keep the door tight and protect it from damage due to water, air leaks, debris, hot and cold air from outside weather and defend from pests and insects.

    Refurbish The Garage Door

    Always check the water damage, chipped screws, rust spots, and peeling paint in the garage door and do action as quickly as possible to avoid any potential problems in the future.

    Wood doors may have dir, warps, and cracked parts, while steel doors may have rust spots that need to be primed, sanded, and repainted.

    Remember to wash your garage door regularly to preserve a neat appearance using a mild all-purpose cleaner.

    Cleaning the garage door is not only making it look nice but also prolonging its lifespan.

    Cambridge Garage Door Repair Service

    Garage door maintenance and examining parts are essential and should be done twice yearly. Some procedures are possible to do by homeowners; however, some of it is better to hand over to professionals.

    Likewise, if you don’t have time to perform this check-up on your garage door, Cambridge garage door repair services will do the job for you.

    We provide garage door repairing, installation, replacements, adjusting cables, and auto-reverse function services that ensure your maintenance will be on-time.

    Keep your garage doors working perfectly. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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